Viktor Gorridsen Fischer
(* 09.06.1994) is Player of
& the Danish National Team (#20).

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what viktor fischer really thinks..[asked by xviktorxfischerx]

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2013 // 2014

50 beautiful footballers - Viktor Fischer (05/50) 


Well… here we have an picture off cillessen and viktor hugging. I just had to share this with you. ☺️


Seems fine to me! 2015? He looks ready for the Tour de France in a few days!

Heyyy! Where do you get you pictures from? And do you have an Fanaccount on instagram for Viktor? Love your pictures so much! love it :*

i have a lot of different sources, so i can’t tell you any special one, sorry :( i also have no fan-instagram, only tumblr :o but i’m very glad you like them :*